London After Lockdown

So, I ventured into central London. I hadn’t set foot on public transport since the middle of March when I last travelled into the West London office I worked at to shut it down for the impending lockdown. It was strange to be back travelling on a train, but I was pleased it was quiet, at least. I don’t know how I feel about crowds yet.

I received a lot of love for our food-filled day so wanted to share a bit more with you all. We ate so well, and you should too. Next time you’re in central London, hit up one of my recommendations and you’ll make me a very happy gal. Prepare to be hungry, the pics below are killer.

Luckily the weather was on our side, so we chose to get off the train at Vauxhall so we could walk up the river from there. The first time I realised how different everything is, was reaching Westminster Bridge. The London Eye stationary, no queues of people for the attractions, no bustling tourists taking selfies with living statues, no annoying school trips in your way. The strange new normal.

Although it was weird for London to be so quiet, it was a great opportunity to wander around the city and dive into some of the best food our great city has to offer, so that is exactly what we did. Fast forward an hour and we had walked up to the East End and fantastically, it was time for lunch. So the feasting began..

Stop one: Dumpling Shack, Spitalfields Market.

I’ve been eyeing these guys’ dumplings up for months on Instagram, but today was the day I finally got my hands on them! They didn’t disappoint, stuffed full of filling and drenched in their famous chilli oil they were just the ticket after our long stroll from South of the river. I can handle a bit of spice and they were just on the right side of hot for me, left my mouth tingling but not overpowering so you could taste all that flavour.

Stop 2: Orange Buffalo, Truman Brewery.

Sam is a sucker for OB wings, and as we were round the corner, we had to pop by. I know you’re probably bored of me banging on about them, but they are something else. Every restaurant should have an option to add Woof Woof sauce to your dish, they’d make a killing. Oh and don't get me started on their blue cheese dip. I don't know how they do it, it's the perfect blend of creaminess and blue cheese. I hate celery but I'll happily munch on it to mop up the pool of sauce left at the bottom of the wings.

Stop three: Biegel Bake, Brick Lane.

This was my first, but definitely won’t be my last. Found a quiet spot round the corner to demolish the beast of a bagel. The combo of the chewy bagel dough, with the salt beef and tang of mustard and gherkin was a taste explosion. I loved it far more than I was expecting and can’t wait to go back already.

Stop four: Mercy Burger, Box Park Shoreditch.

We came across Box Park by accident whilst we were walking, and so pleased we did. It was their first day back open after lockdown and my first ever visit. We browsed all the options but we were desperate for a burger. I’m so impressed with the plant based offerings available across London, it really has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years. This was above any vegan burger I’ve tasted before, too good, I could have eaten it over meat, any day.

Stop five, at the same time as stop four: Coqfighter, Box Park Shoreditch.

Conveniently, Mercy and Coqfighter were next to each other. So we chose to share one burger from each. I love Cofighter’s classic, but wanted something different so went for the chilli cheese burger. Oh boy, they do it good, don’t they? Their chicken is something else, and they get the flavour combos on point! Get down to one of their restaurants, alongside the most epic of burgers, they do wings, bao, cheesy corn (drool) and plenty more. I know it’s on my to-do list.

Stop six: Bread Ahead, Borough Market, London Bridge.

Jesus, I was bloody full. “Not eating for weeks” I proclaimed. A pleasant stroll down to London Bridge, however, and suddenly I was ready to roll again (please, someone stop me). We had a swift pint (Neck Oil, if you must know) and whipped round the corner to Bread Ahead for the king of doughnuts. Just look at that picture, need I say more. Praline flavour, creamy delicious filling, soft fluffy dough. Salivating just writing this.

Stop seven: Snog Frozen Yogurt, Southbank.

Disclaimer here, I was full this time (seriously, though), so couldn’t stomach any of my fave fro-yo. Luckily, Sam stepped up to the plate and got himself a pot, to cleanse the palate and eat whilst we strolled back down to Vauxhall. Chocolate/hazelnut he went for, rogue in my opinion, but it was actually delicious. Yes, I had to try it, for research purposes, duh.

Honestly, don’t know how we fit so much food into one day. Should be up for some sort of award for eating so much. I would love if you go and try any of these recs, I can’t shout about them enough, all SO delicious, but seriously different in their own ways. London is back and moving, slowly, but it will get there. Give it some love, go out to eat, treat yourself, and stay safe.

Much love x

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