Setting up a Street Food Business Part 4

Part Four: See Ya 2020

It’s 2021!! Thank God for that. 2020 sucked.

Yes, we made big moves with our street food business, moved across the country, started a food delivery business, began to build a food truck, and so much more. But overall, I am overjoyed to see the back of the year.

I’m a big lover of the whole new year, new me, crap that comes around every year as I find it helps me focus on goals for the year, make positive changes and be more productive. So bring on January and the year ahead I say.

Since I last wrote (you can catch up here) we have been mega busy which is great. We finally started the construction on our flatbed trailer. We drew a simple design for a box trailer and purchased timber to create our structure. Each piece was painstakingly measured out, cut to size and attached with a couple of screws.

Truth be told, after we had secured the first eight pieces of timber in place (aka completed a whole side of the frame) we realised we had forgotten to cut these pieces down to size. It was only when we placed it on the side of the trailer and stood beneath it, we noticed it was about a foot too high (see photo)!! Argh!! But not the end of the world, we’d rather it was too tall than too small! This set us back time wise as we had to unscrew everything we had just done, cut the pieces to the correct size and screw back in place.

Also, annoyingly, we were short on screws so had to make a dash for Wickes for the second time in 24 hours to pick up some more so we could finish the frames in one day. Again, not a problem but that did then use up another hour of our day. It was such a thrill to finish building the frames as it felt like the next stage had been completed – finally – wahoo!!

It was such a thrill to finish building the frames as it felt like the next stage had been completed – finally – wahoo!!

As Sam is self employed and works most days and I have my own projects which I have been focusing on it has been very easy to go weeks without putting time and energy into the trailer build. It feels like slow progress, and we really need to get a move on now as we have entered into the year we would like to start trading.

Currently we are in conversation with suppliers for the paneling which will be our next purchase. Once we have this, we will be able to put up our frames and create the box for our catering trailer. Exciting times are on the horizon now!!

Besides that, I have been busy with the small matter of starting my own business! I launched Menu by Lou. It brings beautiful food and creates special memories in the comfort of your own home. I’ve loved seeing my first customers enjoy their curated evenings and I can’t wait to bring Menu by Lou to more of you around the country.

Starting your own business is hard, yes. But it’s bloody rewarding too, and I can’t wait to see my little business grow. Each time someone subscribes to Menu by Lou, or makes a purchase, or even engages with my content, I do a happy dance inside as it means so much that people care and believe in what I am doing.

So bring on 2021, and what it will bring for us, and for you.

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Much love, Lou x

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