Setting up a Street Food Business Part 2

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Part Two: This is Actually Happening

Well, it’s been a while since I last wrote, and plenty has happened since then. Here’s my previous update if you missed it.

First off, we managed to organise a couple taking over our room in our rented flat. This was the best news as they seemed lovely and it meant Sam could hand his notice in with his current employer and we could put a date in the diary for our big move out of London.

Final sunset from our Kingston flat

Last week was spent packing everything we owned into boxes and bags ready to move out of our Kingston flat. On the hottest day of the year so far, a cool 36 degrees Celsius, we packed everything into Sam’s car and took it to a local storage facility for the two weeks we would stay with family in Putney. Cleaning and tidying the flat up before we left took longer than planned and the move ended up taking us near enough the whole day. A large glass of ice cold rosé was badly needed when we finally got to sit down that evening.

At the start of this journey we were both doing a lot of research into the business but now we have been focusing on moving and things have been put on the back burner until we reach Devon. We have just started to look again for our perfect food truck, as now we are nearer to our Devon arrival date. I think once we have the vehicle will be when it hits home how real this all is, and that will be when the proper hard work starts.

The chicken burgers made another appearance on a trial run with friends. We received positive feedback which was great to hear, and gave us such satisfaction to serve our food up to a willing crowd. Guess we better get used to that one.

I’ve been working on a few potential side projects which I am hoping to launch when we are in Devon as I really want people from across the country to be able to try our food, so watch this space in the coming months. My original plan was to find a part-time job in the local area to support the food truck before focusing on that full time from next Spring, however, I now have so many ideas that I would like to run with I will hopefully be able to work for myself. This will take a lot more work, but will bring so much more reward and flexibility, which I want in my life. There’s no point living three minutes from the beach if you can’t make the most of it.

#gifted farmshopfoods beef burgers

I’m pretty proud of our Instagram growth, as we are close to 2500 followers in just over two months. It has been perfect for me to put my energy into whilst being furloughed and given me a focus each day. When we received some gifted goodies, I discovered my love for content creation and really worked on designing aesthetically pleasing images to showcase the amazing produce we had been given. We have already been lucky enough to engage with so many people through the platform who have done similar projects to ours, or are just interested in what we are doing, and the sharing of ideas and seeing other small businesses do amazingly well is so inspiring.

We are in London until next Saturday and have so many restaurant reservations planned to ensure we get to all our favourites for a final time before we leave the city. Going to be rolling to Devon at this rate with the amount we are feasting, but it’s likely to be the last time we live in London so we have to make the most of it.

Plenty more has been going on behind the scenes, and it is exciting to see everything come together. I can’t wait to be writing my next post from the seaside! If you enjoyed my ramblings feel free to click the like button x

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